Major Arcana Tarot Cards And Their Meanings


Tarot Card Readings Online And The Magic Cards

Among 78 cards in a Tarot deck, a set of 22 Major Arcana reflects the foundation and prime courses of life. Notice that the 56 Minor Arcana cards are only used as the supplement for the major ones. Thus, an authentic Tarot reading will never lack the existence of the trump cards. Including 21 numbered cards and 1 unnumbered card (The Fool), the major set is competent enough to be taken into account for most cases.

Bear in mind that the whole 22 magic Tarots represent a path to our spiritual subconsciousness and inner self! By depicting various stages and occurrences, the symbolism on trump cards are interpreted due to the specific Spreads. Thus, it is the matter of time and practice to understand the cards’ meanings profoundly. Examining the cards’ messages to gain self-reflection is vital indeed! It is the big awkwardness if you come to the Tarot zone with an empty head about the cards’ images and interpretations.

Importance of Major Arcana in Tarot Card Reading

When a Tarot reading is uniquely made up of Major Arcana, you have experienced the main courses with demanding decisions! The trump cards represent some notable events with long-term influence on your personal life. From wealth to health, numerous important lessons and messages will be disclosed once the cards’ meanings are interpreted.

For instance, if you pick up The Fool in the upright side, it is explained that you are on the way to make some new changes. The beginnings and spontaneity may drive you to the positive life transformation. However, if The Fool is in the reversed side, it may warn you about the risk-taking decisions on life changes. Sometimes, your naivety and recklessness will put you down.

Importance of Major Arcana in Tarot Card Reading

In reference to love, The Lovers in the upright side indicates strong union or compatible relationship with smooth prospect. Nevertheless, its reversed side alludes to the puzzles of imbalance and disharmony. In this case, the Tarot readers’ impartial advice is helpful indeed.

What do you feel if you face The Death card? Don’t misunderstand that The Death always conveys unfortunate meanings! In fact, its upright side refers to the endings to form new beginnings or transformation. Otherwise, the reversed one indicates the resistance to make any change; thus, it is impossible to move on.

Arguably, some seekers feel happy when uncovering the Wheel of Fortune in the upright side since it means good luck and positive karma. However, the reversed Wheel of Fortune reflects the bad luck and negative forces.

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